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To place an order, please call the bakery: 609-423-2100  during normal business hours.  For cake orders and bite-sized lillipies, allow at least 1 week's notice.  (We book up quickly.)  For pies and 3" lillipies flavors of this month, allow 2 days notice.  Please do not place orders through this website.  They will not be received in a timely fashion.  Special orders are confirmed when payment is made.

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LiLLiPiES Bakery

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celebrating NJ flavors, one small batch at a time...

LiLLiPiES Bakery

301 North Harrison Street,

Princeton, NJ, United States


Phone:   609-423-2100

Special orders: Phoning in a special order during our normal business hours is the most efficient way to place an order.  Please be aware that an email sent through this website may take a day or two to get to us.   Special orders are confirmed when payment is made.