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LiLLiPiES is a small-batch bakery located in Princeton, NJ.  

What is a LiLLiPiE?  It all started with Jen's son, Sean who at the time was in Kindergarten.  Kids in his class were encouraged to bring in a special treat to share with the class on their birthday.  Some favorites were cupcakes, brownies, cookies. But Sean was a different kind of a kid.  "Mom, I want to bring in apple pie!"  "But Sean, pie is too messy to serve to your class.  Wouldn't you like me to make some nice vanilla cupcakes?  How about some chocolate chip cookies?"  "Mmm...No.  I'd like pie."   Well, let's give it a shot.  So, yes.  For Sean's 6th birthday apple pie was baked in a cupcake pan- and the LiLLiPiE was born.

LiLLiPiES started growing into a business in 2007 as a bake-to-order bakery, specializing in single-serving sweet pies made with organic flour and NJ produce.  We sold our product at local farmers' markets and to Princeton coffeehouses and caterers.  A loyal following soon developed.

Our retail shop opened on July 11, 2016 at the Princeton Shopping Center: 301 North Harrison Street.  We expanded our menu to include sourdough artisan breads and English muffins, as well as breakfast all day.  But our mission remained the same: to draw inspiration from locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients.

Everything is baked on-site, from scratch throughout the day.  Our breads are high-hydration sourdough and are fermented anywhere from 12-36 hours at a low temperature, yielding a complex and satisfying flavor and texture. We continue to use organic flour in all of our breads and baked goods, and source thoughtfully.

Honored with Food Network's Top Pies Coast to Coast, a nomination for "Favorite Artisan" in Edible Jersey's 2019 Local Hero Awards, and with a 2018 Garden State Culinary Arts Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef/Baker, LiLLiPiES continues to strive to produce the freshest and most delicious food, while providing friendly and helpful hospitality. 

LiLLiPiES is dedicated to giving back to the Princeton community through open-mic afternoons, cooking classes, monthly pie-of-the-month fundraisers, food donations, and progressive employment practices.

Want to see our video?  Click here.